Mindfulness & Meditation Online 2 x 30mins weekly

Course Description: Explore the health benefits of Mindfulness and Meditation during this twice weekly month long experience. During the Covid-19 crisis we've seen increased levels of stress, anxiety and symptoms of depression which inform us that we need to find different approaches to manage our daily life. Mindfulness & Meditation are effective techniques to improve our mental health and wellbeing by encouraging us to slow down and become present in the moment.
Joining Criteria: Participants must live in Worcestershire, be aged 19 years plus and meet one of the course concessions criteria. Those who meet concessions criteria may attend consecutively up to a maximum of three of our health and well-being courses for FREE after which we will continue to support your progression into one of our alternative curriculum areas, to alternative community learning providers delivering within your local area, into formal education or into work.
This Course is Available at the Following Venues:
Course ID
VenueAddressDay Of Week
Start Date
End Date
Online  from Wednesday 23/09/2020
Online    Wednesday
14:00-14:30Free (subject to conditions)
Online  from Wednesday 18/11/2020
Online    Wednesday
14:00-14:30Free (subject to conditions)