Report a Drainage Issue on the Highway

If your report relates to a risk to life, requiring immediate attention please contact West Mercia Police on 999
How we use your details
Please note that your data may be shared with third parties in order to to resolve your enquiry. For more information about what we do with personal data please view our Privacy Notice (opens in new window)
Pinpoint Location of Drainage Issue
Please indicate the location of the issue as accurately as possible. This will help our inspectors locate and assess the issue.
How do I use the map?
Unable to use the map?
Using the map is the best way to show the location of the issue as it provides the most information for our inspectors. If, however, you are unable to use the map, for example due to accessibility issues, please select the option below. You will then be asked to specify the location in a text box.  
Map Key
  • The (blue) squares  indicate some existing drainage features. Clicking or tapping on them will provide some information about that feature.
  • The larger (red) dots Active Report indicate current drainage faults that we are already aware of.
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