English & Maths Qualifications Advice Appointment

Course Description: Need English and maths qualifications for your dream career?  Not sure where you need to start from? Our experienced and well-qualified teaching staff are ready and waiting to give you individualised advice.
We can:
• Find out your current working level in English and maths
• Help you determine which qualifications you might need for your new career and a possible time scale
• Signpost you to appropriate English and maths courses, if necessary
• Support you in gathering further information
Joining Criteria: This service is for adult learners, aged 19 - 99.  Other services are available for those under the age of 19.
This Course is Available at the Following Venues:
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Online  from Wednesday 26/05/2021
Online Delivery Co-ordinated by: Adult Learning in Worcestershire   WR4 9HGWednesday
09:00-21:00Free (subject to conditions)