Becoming a Volunteer

Course Description: Have you thought about being a volunteer?  Do you know how to become one?  This course is for those who would like to do something worthwhile with their time, though unsure exactly what to do. Over the week you will learn the; What, Where, When and How, of volunteering, as well as why you should get involved and the benefits this will have for you!   
Joining Criteria: Participants must live in Worcestershire, be aged 19 years plus and meet one of our concessions criteria to gain courses ‘free of charge’.  On completion of your course we hope you will progress further onto courses with us or others within your local community, into formal education or into work.
This Course is Available at the Following Venues:
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Online  from Monday 09/11/2020
Online Delivery Co-ordinated by The Adult Learning Department    WR4 9HGMonday
10:00-10:30Free (subject to conditions)