Adult Learning Courses

Course SubjectDescription
2 hours of Standing StillAn Introduction to Standing Post Qigong. Like Tai Chi but you do it standing still!
Acoustic Guitar for BeginnersA guitar course designed to build a solid foundation for anyone looking to take up the guitar. The course will cover such basics as tuning, open chord positions and scales, note names, strumming patterns and rhythms. All learning materials will be provided and available for you to take home for you to practice at your own pace
Acrylic Painting for BeginnersExplore and experiment how to use Acrylic paints to their full advantage and create either a landscape from a photo of your choice OR a still life. Acrylic paints have various properties which can create smooth watercolour effects to thick and heavy like oil paints to acting as a glue to create texture. Using acrylic paints is fun and a great stress relief if nothing else.
Advanced Sewing SkillsThis course is for learners with some prior knowledge of sewing and garment making to build upon these skills. Learners will expand upon their knowledge, skills and understanding of measuring and cutting fabric and using tools and equipment for garment making whilst also considering personal development skills which might enable them to turn their sewing hobby into a business in the future.  
An Introduction to BorrowBoxThe BorrowBox app makes it easy to browse, borrow and read or listen to your library’s eBooks and eAudiobooks anywhere, everywhere.
BorrowBox is available through your local library and you can simply login with your member details to access it. Bring your own tablet, laptop or iPhone and come along to find out how at this FREE drop in workshop. (There is no need to book your place on this offer.)
An Introduction to British Sign LanguageWould you like to learn how to communicate using British Sign Language and become more Deaf Aware? This course is for beginners who will be taught how to sign the alphabet, about basic greetings and some useful communication tactics. By the end of the course you'll be able to sign simple conversations with other members of the group about on a variety of everyday topics.  
An Introduction to CounsellingThis course will explore counselling skills and how to put these skills into practice, this is an introductory course for anyone considering this career path. 
An Introduction to CrochetDuring this short workshop you'll get to try your hand at creating fabric by interlocking loops of yarn, thread, or strands of other materials using a crochet hook. If this turns out to be the ideal new hobby for you then there will be an opportunity for you to sign up for a longer crochet course with the same tutor. 
An Introduction to Drawing and PaintingWould you like the opportunity to try out a range of different drawing and painting techniques? Have you experimented with different media such as pencils, charcoal, watercolour paints, pastels and collage? On this course you'll have the chance to explore different subjects such as still life, portraiture, working from photographs, and abstract design. Time will then be given for you to work more deeply in the areas you particularly enjoy and with your preferred media.
An Introduction to PsychologyDiscover what psychology is and about the different approaches. Find out about the signs and theories of emotions such as stress and anxiety. Explore how we perceive things and make judgements and also how we create memory.  
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