Adult Learning Courses

Course SubjectDescription
 Ladies Hair Cutting WorkshopWith interactive demonstrations and practical learning, this cutting workshop provides a foundation to those who need to refresh their skills or who have completed a hairdressing qualification and want to boost their confidence.
2 hours of Standing StillAn Introduction to Standing Post Qigong. Like Tai Chi but you do it standing still!
Achieve More as a Parent CourseWould you like to learn how to achieve more as a parent and how to think differently about yourself by learning positive techniques that support you and your family to grow? If so, this course is for you!

Either way, this course for parents or young people and their parents can help you think differently about yourself and what failure means for you.
Achieve the Impossible - Big Life Choice WorkshopThis essential 2-hour course is especially helpful for parents and young people confused or doubtful about big life choices, like 'which career path' or 'which course of study do I need to follow to get where I want to be'. If conventional routes have proved unsuccessful this workshop will explore simple ways to stimulate fresh neutral pathways that lead to more personally appealing choices. 
Achieving More As A ParentIf you fear failure, it means you either stop trying at all and give up before you start; or you try really hard to get things right all the time, but get crushed by criticism and anything less than perfection.

Either way, this course for parents or young people and their parents can help you think differently about yourself and what failure means for you.
Acoustic Guitar for BeginnersA guitar course designed to build a solid foundation for anyone looking to take up the guitar. The course will cover such basics as tuning, open chord positions and scales, note names, strumming patterns and rhythms. All learning materials will be provided and available for you to take home for you to practice at your own pace
Advanced Sewing SkillsThis course is for learners with some prior knowledge of sewing and garment making to build upon these skills. Learners will expand upon their knowledge, skills and understanding of measuring and cutting fabric and using tools and equipment for garment making whilst also considering personal development skills which might enable them to turn their sewing hobby into a business in the future.  
An Introduction to DecoupageCome and explore the principles of decoupage and develop an understanding of how to use a range of materials most effectively by up-cycling picture frames, tea trays or other small household items. Materials will be provided and if you enjoy this taster session there will be an opportunity to discuss dates for a longer decoupage course to develop your skills further. 
An Introduction to Digital PhotographyAre you a beginner hoping to master the art and craft of great digital photography using your own digital camera or smartphone? On this course you'll learn about the basic features of digital cameras and learn how each plays a role in creating great photographs.
An Introduction to PhilosophyHave you ever wondered what philosophers actually talk about? Would you like to find out about the theories of Plato, Aristotle or Descartes? Do the big questions of life fascinate you? What does it mean to be free? What is knowledge? Is there right or wrong? If these things interest you then come along to our friendly, informal discussion based workshops to meet like minded people and mull over these and other key philosophical concepts.  
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