Highways Extent Enquiry

  • This form must be used for all highways extents enquiries. Please use ONE per property / Site.
  • A plan which clearly shows the property or site boundary MUST accompany this form.
    Please be aware that unless otherwise stated a plan will be provided showing the highway extent abutting the site/property to include up to 50m either side. If you wish the area to include more roads/area please mark appropriate areas on your supplied plan.
  • Please do not use this form for CON 29 Searches. CON 29 searches can be submitted by visiting the CON29 Highway Enquiry page
  • Your information will be used to process and manage your highway extent enquiry.  For further information about how the Council uses your personal data, including your rights as a data subject, please see our Privacy Notice on our website.
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NB: Expedited enquiries (48 working hour turnaround) are available for an additional 50% of the standard processing cost.
Please note:
  •  An A4 plan is at a scale of 1:1250 or 1:2500
  • Upon receipt of this request, should the search site require a different sized plan, we will advise you of this. In addition:
    • If a larger size is required, we will advise you of any extra cost
    • If a smaller size is appropriate, we will offer you a partial refund
    • A complete refund will be available at this point if you decide not to proceed with the enquiry.
If you are in doubt about the fee and/or size of plan required, please contact: highwaysearch@worcestershire.gov.uk