7683: Bite Size Learning- Danger Statements and Safety Goals

1 Hour Bite Size Learning Sessions
As part of Signs of Safety assessments, the worries (including complicating factors) and existing strengths and safety will have been considered and this will inform the danger statement and safety goals. These are a crucial part of the assessment so the family really understand what may happen for the children in the future if things don’t change and what we want to see so we are no longer so worried.

This session will include:
• Explaining what danger statements and safety goals are and how they fit in with a mapping
• Look at examples
• Explain how they measure a child's plan along with scaling
• Practice using a danger statement and safety goal with a child open to our service

At the end of the session the aim is to have more confidence in using danger statements and safety goals in practice and the concept behind why they are so important when modelling good practice using Signs of Safety.
No future sessions