7752: Bite Size Learning- Signs of Safety Words & Pictures

1 Hour Learning Session - Signs of Safety Words & Pictures
Fundamental to the Signs of Safety model is Words and Pictures, which is an explanation to a child using words and pictures. It is often used to explain why a child is not living with their parent(s) or family or why Children’s Services are involved. However it can be used in all sorts of situations where an explanation is needed. Wherever possible parents contribute and agree with what is being shared with the child.

The expectation is that every child who is open on a plan (Child in Need, Child Protection, Care Plan) should have an explanation as to why they have a social worker or why they are in care and recorded on their files.  Words and Pictures is an excellent way to give that explanation and demonstrates good practice and should be uploaded onto the child’s file. Where Words and Pictures has not been used, the explanation should be recorded on their file and include how and when the explanation was given. A visual representation is always helpful.

Words and Pictures explanations can also be used to explain other situations such as why a child gets upset and angry or why they don’t have family time with a certain person. Be creative.

Using words and pictures is not mandatory within Early Help but could be a very useful tool when explaining to children and families why we are involved.

The Bite Size Sessions will offer:
• Full explanation of Words and Pictures and how it works in practice for all service areas
• Share good practice examples
• Experiences and learning from undertaking direct work
• An opportunity to ‘have a go’ if anyone attending has a child/young person they are working with and as a group, think about Words and Pictures

No future sessions