7057: Adult Safeguarding for Practitioners - T20

For practitioners who report safeguarding concerns and who provide support to adults with care and support needs and carers. Including but not limited to: team leaders, managers and senior staff working in Adult Social Care and Health. The alphanumerical code at the end of the course title is for WCC admin purposes only.
To give Practitioners an opportunity to increase their knowledge and skills in adult safeguarding and to fully understand the duty to enquire and other safeguarding implications of the Care Act 2014.
Competencies 6 to 10

• Look at the policies, procedures and legislation that supports Adult Safeguarding Activity

• To consider the legal framework of adult safeguarding, particularly the changes from the Care Act 2014.

• Consider how to support staff to fully understand and implement their role in adult safeguarding

• Explore the role of supporting staff/a team during an enquiry

• Demonstrate an understanding of their specific professional role in ensuring the prevention of abuse

• Demonstrate skills and knowledge to contribute effectively to the safeguarding process

Course Eligibility
Learners are required to complete the Adult Safeguarding Basic Awareness before attending this course, to ensure they already know and understand the foundations of Adult Safeguarding. Learners at this level should also make themselves familiar with the:

West Midlands Adult Social Care Policy and Procedures http://www.worcestershire.gov.uk/wmaspp 
Your life Your Choice https://ylyc.worcestershire.gov.uk/information-and-advice/adult-safeguarding/ 

Most Practitioners will only need this level and regular updates or refreshers. However, for all statutory staff who are actively involved in Adult Safeguarding Practice in Worcestershire and who would be expected to be part of undertaking s42 enquiries and being decision makers in the process, they should attend:

Participating in and Supervising Adult Safeguarding Enquiries – competency levels 11 to 20
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