Terms and Conditions

The Worcestershire 1000 is a network of champions for Worcestershire made up of companies, organisations and individuals.

By joining the Worcestershire 1000 you will be helping to tell the Worcestershire story by promoting the county regionally, nationally and internationally to your networks, customers, colleagues and friends.

By joining the Worcestershire 1000 you will be representing your company or your organisation as submitted on the online registration form. If the details that you submitted on the online registration form change (eg your address, email address or website url) there is an edit function within your profile. If you move to a different company or to a different organisation please Contact Us.

Your membership will be closed and you will be asked to resubmit your registration on behalf of your new company or organisation.

The details that you provide on your registration form must be accurate and genuine. Issues relating to the integrity of the information that you provide on your registration form could lead your membership being revoked.

As a member of the Worcestershire 1000 you will have access to materials that you can use to promote the county, from photographs and film footage to presentation slides and infographics. Once you become a member, print ready versions of the new Worcestershire logo can be downloaded for you to display on your website, your social media channels and on marketing materials and signage.

In return we ask that:
•    You support our approach to promoting Worcestershire.
•    You proudly display the Worcestershire logo online and in your work place.
•    You take any opportunity that you can to make use of promotional materials in your presentations and on your marketing materials to help to spread the word about the county that we are all so proud of.
•    You read and comply with the brand guidelines that you will find once you become a member.

Materials that are downloaded from the members area must be used appropriately in support of raising the profile of the county. Inappropriate use of any materials will lead to membership of the Worcestershire 1000 being revoked. The use of the Worcestershire brand and logos must comply with the brand guidelines which can be found in the members area. Inappropriate use of the branding, including logos, will lead to membership of the Worcestershire 1000 being revoked.

Photographs, graphics, presentation slides and video footage are all available and editable. Should you need further guidance on the use of this material Contact Us.

Useful reference documents are available for you to consult and reference in your own materials. When quoting from these documents, we ask that full credit is given. This credit should use a format similar to this example: 'Source: Worcestershire Brand - onworcestershire.co.uk'. If you have any queries about how the information in the documents may be used, we advise you to contact the organisation that published the documents directly.

As a member of the Worcestershire 1000 we encourage you to share with us materials that you think will help others in the network to promote Worcestershire. There is a content upload function in the members area to enable you to share images, video footage and documents that you think will be useful to others.

Once uploaded this content will be available for all other members to access and to use. Before uploading any content please be sure that you have the rights to share the content, that there are no copyright issues that will prevent onward sharing and most importantly you are prepared for others in the network to make use of the material.

Uploaded materials will become part of a bank of content for the Worcestershire 1000. If at some point in the future you wish uploaded content to be removed Contact Us to request removal.

As a member of the Worcestershire 1000 you will have access to our networking group where you will be able to continue the conversation with others who are keen to promote our county. Content for this group will not be moderated but the Worcestershire 1000 team does reserve the right to remove any inappropriate from content from the group.

As a member of the Worcestershire 1000 network there will be times when we would like to contact you regarding this new approach to promoting the county. The Worcestershire 1000 team will contact you via the details that you submit on the registration form.

A list of Worcestershire 1000 members will be displayed within the members area. As a member of the Worcestershire 1000 you agree to have your name and your organisation displayed.

 Be aware:
• NEVER post personal data such as names and addresses, contact numbers, etc. into the members area, whether as text in a post or inside uploaded files.

• NEVER place financial data, commercially sensitive material or any other type of confidential or sensitive information into the members area.

• If you spot any such information in this Network, please report it to the Worcestershire 1000 team as soon as possible.
If at anytime you wish to stop being a member please Contact Us.