Report an Issue with a Bridge or Other Structure

The Highways and Transport Control Centre is now closed.  Any reports submitted will not be reviewed until 09:00am.  If you wish to report an urgent highway issue please call 01905 845 676

If your report relates to a risk to life, requiring immediate attention please contact West Mercia Police on 999
How we use your details
Please note that your data may be shared with third parties in order to resolve your enquiry. For more information about what we do with personal data please view our Privacy Notice (opens in new window)
Visual impairment or other disability?
If you have a visual impairment or other disability issue that prevents you from using an online map, please continue to report the issue here
Pinpoint Location of Bridge or Other Structure
Other structures include: retaining walls, subways, VRS-barriers (crash barriers), culverts wider than 90cm.

If you wish to report an issue with a culvert less than 90cm wide, please use the Drainage or Flooding category.
Please provide as much information as you can about the exact location of the issue
Our inspectors will need to visit the issue in order to carry out an assessment, so any problems in locating the issue may delay our response.
Examples of Information to include would be:
  • Town or Village
  • Road name or number
  • Postcode area that the fault is in
  • Some descriptive text, for example, "On the left hand side, at the far end as you leave Evesham" or "On the northbound carriageway"
Please use this box to provide information about the location of the issue only. You can provide further information about the issue itself on the next screen.